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 FOR BUYERS - (open/close tips)

-   Don't be a FRAUD victim!  Verify with a VIDEO!  See proof before you pay.  Avoid fraud like this  AirBnB  SCAM!

-   Buyers can initiate a purchase by using "Request A Video" or click on "Browse Offers" to see what other

    people have to offer.  (Of course, first you need to log in to your HireMyCamera account.)

 -  You only need a HireMyCamera account to buy a video.  (No need for a Seller's account.)

 -  You can pay with a credit card as usual.

 -  After buying and downloading a video, you can typically find your video in the DOWNLOADS folder.


 FOR SELLERS - (open/close tips)

 -  You can initiate a sale yourself by using "Offer A Video" or you can click on "Browse Requests" to see if you

    can make a customized video for a Buyer.

 -  Sellers need a account to get paid.  The link to a convenient Stripe account is below (and in the


 -  Register for a HireMyCamera account first, then sign up for a Stripe account.

 -  After completing a HireMyCamera account, go to "MY ACCOUNT" then "EDIT" to connect to Stripe.

 -  When signing up for a Stripe account, you can put down your own website for reference, or use


 -  Stripe requires a banking Account Number and Routing Number such as that found in Checking Accounts,

    Debit Card accounts, etc.

 -  Consider using a low camera resolution like 320 X 240 to get about 30 minutes of good video time for 150 MB.

 -  Try holding your camera sideways to give your video a "movie screen" feel.

 -  To get a Stripe account, click here